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Sunflower Kits

The Prince Edward Island Breast Cancer Information Partnership (PEIBCIP) was formed in 1998 as an offshoot of the Atlantic Breast Cancer Information Project.    The organization has been active and growing since that time with eight to ten members, 50 per cent of whom are breast cancer survivors.

The primary goals of the PEIBCIP are to provide accurate and current information to all Islanders concerned with breast cancer, to provide support for all those affected by breast cancer, and to develop and maintain partnerships with other organiztions, community groups and stakeholders involved with breast cancer.

In June, 1999, the PEIBCIP launched the Sunflower Seeds of Knowledge Breast Cancer Information Kit program which distributes books and pamphlets about breast cancer to newly diagnosed women.  The kits provide information prepared with the advice of women who have experienced breast cancer.

The organization successfully applied for, and received three grants from the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation – Atlantic (now under the umbrella of the Canadian Cancer Society) to revise and fund the production of the Sunflower Kits.  The Canadian Cancer Society continues to provide support through funding for some of the materials in the Sunflower Kits. 

PEIBCIP was an active participant in the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) Community Capacity Building on Breast Cancer committee.
The first Chair of the Partnership was Eileen Fulford until her death in 2008. Eileen was a tireless worker on behalf of the Canadian Cancer Society and the PEIBCIP.  Eileen was a former Nursing Instructor at UPEI and left a generous bequest to the University and the Canadian Cancer Society.

Norah Smith and Elaine Smith, both involved during the creation of the Partnership, have taken on the responsibility to co-chair the Partnership at the current time.

The Canadian Cancer Society is represented on the Partnership and provides some of the written material for the Kit.
Catherine Mooney was a breast cancer survivor on the Partnership and she was also a representative for the PEI Breast Cancer Support Group and CBCN until her death.  She worked tirelessly to raise funds for the Partnership and CBCN holding several fund raising events at her summer camp ground.  She also facilitated the creation of the Sunflower Kit emblem.

Patsy Beattie-Huggan (The Quaich Inc.) was hired as a consultant to facilitate the launch of the Sunflower Kit, to prepare grant proposals,to conduct evaluations of the Atlantic Breast Cancer Information Kits and to facilitate the identification of the needs of the community (2017) 

PEIBCIP provides public information presentations on a variety of topics, sometimes in collaboration with other organizations such as Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology (CANO),  and Queen Elizabeth Hospital.  Past topics have included Breast Health – Breast Cancer – Everybody’s Concern; Supporting the Journey of Women with Breast Cancer; A Focus on Nursing Practice, Breast Health – Women’s Health; What Do We Tell our Daughters? An Evening of Hope; Laughter and Positive Thinking, and Brain Fog; Lymphedema presentation by Alanna Saulnier, physiotherapist, Queen Elizabeth Hospital; a presentation on Sexuality After Cancer Diagnosis by Dr. Anne Katz; Intimacy after BC developed by Dr. Sally Kydd with Judy Donovan Whitty as presenter.  The Power to Believe by Gordon McNeilly, a motivational speaker; BRA Day – Breast Reconstruction – was presentation on breast reconstruction by Dr Susan Skanes; plus a number of breast health presentations throughout the province by Dr. Marvin Tesch, Pathologist, Queen Elizabeth Hospital.   Breast Health 101 on screening and prevention is also a presentation which is available, takes approximately 20 minutes, and is available on request to the Partnership.

The group has provided written and video resources on breast cancer and advanced breast cancer to PEI public libraries, which are available from the Provincial Library System (  They have donated similar resources to the libraries of the Cancer Treatment Centres in Charlottetown and Summerside, and to the Provincial Mammography Screening Program.

PEIBCIP was instrumental in getting funding and making arrangements for a Physiotherapist from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital to be trained in the treatment of lymphedema to which clients may self- refer.  A good practice is to meet with the therapist post mastectomy/lymph node removal for measurement as a baseline; in the event concern develops a measurement will determine if swelling has occurred as it can be then compared with the original baseline measurement post surgery.     Other initiatives the PEIBCIP has been involved with include the creation of a portable display that can be sent to public libraries or community centres to outline the role and activities of the Partnership, and the development of a navigational tool for breast cancer resources on PEI.

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