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 If you have NOT had breast cancer you can self refer and arrange for a screening test offered by Health PEI - just call: 1-888-592-9888 especially if there is a history of BC in your background.  

Those who have had BC are no longer part of the Screening Program and can call the Mammography department at PCH or QEH for follow up.

 Women who have just learned they have breast cancer may feel anxious and scared. Perhaps they need to make decisions about treatment and feel unable to do so. They may have many questions but are unsure where to turn for the information support they need. 

The Sunflower Seeds of Knowledge Information Kit was prepared with the advice of women who have experienced breast cancer. They know from experience that information helps to control their level of anxiety. This may make it easier to cope. The books and pamphlets were carefully chosen to provide as much detail as possible.

The Sunflower kits are distributed to women who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer by their physician or surgeon. If you have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer in Prince Edward Island and did not receive an information kit, ask your physician or surgeon for one.

Everyone has a different need for information. Everything does not have to be read cover to cover. Recipients are urged to start with the information they need the most. Friends and family can also use the kit to help find answers to their questions.
CBCN: the Canadian Breast Cancer Network provides education, advocacy, support, and a free subscription to Network News - call 1-880-685-8820

Sunflower Kits
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